Word of God
To share the love of God with the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ, equipping individuals by providing educational resources and training.

Food & Clothing
We have been instrumental in providing food and clothing to the indigent within the community.

During times of disasters and crisis, we have provided emergency relief and assistance to affected individuals and families.

We have developed programs for assisting teens and adults in achieving educational and career goals through literacy training, ACT and GED preparation and job readiness.

Health Initiatives
Providing daily assistance to individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other mental challenges, as well as, providing educational resources and relief to caregivers. Our Senior Care Center provides physical, spiritual and mentally stimulating activities that enhance the wellbeing of senior adults.

Other programs, such as, health fairs, blood drives and blood pressure screenings are scheduled on a regular basis.

Civic Awareness
Providing resources and materials to help each Christian become a more informed and active member of their community.